Sunday, 8 May 2011

Internship Report

1st Week Report

        I started my intern on 25th of April 2011 at Melangit Enterprise.

Company was established on 26 Julai 1999, Melangit Enterprise is a class F construction company that providing service and supplier for construction. Mr Ahmad Nizam Bin Ibrahim as a manager holds a degree in accounting from UiTM Shah Alam, operates 8:30am-5: 30pm Monday-Friday and Saturday and a half days.

I was provided with my own office including a personal computer with internet access. On the first day of my intern i has been assigned to do some filling document, arranging the files by type, for example, utilties bills, bank receipts and other.

Apart from that, Mr Ahmad Nizam also as my supervisor to explain the work he had done and his experience in the company.

On 29th April Mr Ahmad Nizam has taught me how to purchase the tender at HUKM. He also explained that the purpose of tendering and how to fill the tender formand the document that should accompany it.

Arranging document.

2nd Week Report
  On my second week the task have been given are ;-
-supervise the construction site
-give an order to worker
-keep the site on good manner

   Beside that i I had been taught how to make payments and how to make ordering with the supplier.
   Mr. Nizam has taught how to make appointments with customers and how to communicate well with them. There is many way to approach them, example as be approachable, convey confidence, and be well groomed.
    More over my company just got a new project at HUKM, and Mr.Nizam going to show and illustrate how to make a project management for the upcoming project. I am interested because I have taken on the subject last semester,and I can practiced what I learned.
  Lastly Mr. Nizam always encourage me to be a confident person, he always motivate me to be a good leader in future.

3rd Week Report
  On my third week, the new project at HUKM is going to start, so Mr. Nizam illustrate how to design the project management, he also listed out the possible risk might happen on the project.
  Beside that he also tough me how to calculate the bill quantity.There is a list provide by the HUKM as a customer to our company as a registered construction company with them, they listed what to do and what kind of specification needed to doing this construction. Mr.Nizam tough me how to calculate the how many unit needed example brick for construction and how many pack of cement, and how much it cost.
  On this week, a bit busy because of the new project. Another task have been given to me are to make a specific fail for the project, and i have to monitor the payment, ordering voucher, for Mr.Nizam reference. 

4th week
                This week the focus is still towards these new project, I was directed by Mr.Nizam to make a project log book. The log book had all the documents for the project and also all the expenses for the project. For example, the document also notes the purchase of insurance and the purchase of construction materials. Apart from that the log book also records all the activities or tasks for the project.
                This week I had learn totally a new experience, what I gain is I trained myself to be punctual and responsibly towards given task. Mr. Nizam is so helpful and always monitors my task on the right track.

5th week
                 Fifth week of a very busy week because the company needs to complete the project before this invoice for payment from the PPUKM. Apart from the invoice must include photographs of the site consists of pictures before, the current picture, and also drawing upon the work.

                Mr.Nizam provide guidance on how to create invoices and also organize project files. Mr.Nizam assistance is very necessary for me to prepare the invoice.These are some example: 

6th Week
This week I will focusing on the invoice, though, it was not only my work, but it were also many other activities and the meeting of so many interesting people, that made my internship a valuable and enriching experience. I meet supplier, meet the officer in charge for the project and I feel a bit nervous when having conversation with them, but I manage it with Mr.Nizam guidance.

7th week
 I learned a lot in this week. What I learned is the material and stuff that needed for a construction. When we said construction is not only we need a brick or a cement, but we need a lot of material that support that brick and cement.  I'm more familiar with road curb, Tarket for floor, solid surface (table counter material) and etc.
 Fun to get know new things in here, I gain a lot of knowledge and experience. Beside that i got call from my observation lecturer, and he said that he will be visiting me on next month and next month would be my last month to intern.

Construction site picture.

8th Week
                This would be my last week of internship at Melangit Enterprise. On this week I have been observe and evaluate by my supervisor. Beside that there are lecturers who visited my internship place.

Evaluation Form

In this last week, not many assignments given to me. I just provide the documents required to fill quotation for the future. All documents are in place and only need to be updated. Mr. Nizam said the company is open to entry after I graduated, I am very pleased to continue to work here, this is a good opportunity. On my last day here, I update all the equipment that has been provided to me, and I clean all my workstation

These are some document needed for a quotation




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